There’s Revenue Hiding in the Cloud—We’ll Help You Find It

Small business owners looking to build and support an IT infrastructure that delivers reliable services are often discouraged by too many dollar signs that don’t fit their budget. But high capital expenditures, fixed-labor costs and endless upgrades don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Making the move to cloud can eliminate many of these headaches and boost profit.

Here’s a few things the cloud can do for you:

Reduce Capital Expenditures (Capex)

The expense of hardware disappears into the cloud. Servers, cabling and all the redundant equipment usually needed for backup is handled by a cloud service provider. Plus, when you need to ramp up fast for a surge in business, cloud easily accommodates your needs.

Simplify Disaster Recovery

Uninterruptible power supplies to support the full load of all your servers and backups can be expensive. And, even if you keep a lot of your infrastructure on-site, the cloud can be used as a reliable data backup system.

Lower Labor Costs

Cloud eliminates the need for around-the-clock resources to support your infrastructure. Cloud fees already include labor you need to support your infrastructure. Plus, by migrating to the cloud your current in-house IT team can instead focus on strategic IT planning for your future growth.

Overall, cloud lets you save money and direct your energy to more strategic planning to boost your profit and growth. Now through the end of December, we’re offering a free, no-obligation cloud assessment where we’ll look at your current situation and make recommendations on how cloud can help you increase efficiency and security all while saving money. Contact us today.