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At RELITEK Solutions, Inc. it's our mission to provide dependable IT solutions based on the highest level of professional integrity. We focus on your success by providing a reliable, well-managed IT infrastructure and, if problems arise, responsiveness is our top priority.

The IT solutions we offer are rooted in our primary mission—to glorify God in all that we do. We believe that doing an exemplary job and taking pleasure in seeing our clients succeed, reflects that mission.

Our Core Values


We lead by serving. Our goal is to provide visionary technology leadership that stays one step ahead of your needs.


We believe that active listening is the key to communication. Communication is vital to understand your needs and how technology can streamline your day-to-day processes.


We're committed to extreme IT response times. We're passionate about being on time, completing projects on time, and providing ongoing timely support.


We seek balance in several areas; physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, knowing that when we're balanced we deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our clients.


We base our entire reputation on reliability. The reliability of the networking and messaging infrastructure solutions that we design and implement and the reliability of our word in every aspect of business is what RELITEK is all about.


This value encompasses all of the other values and helps us focus on what is all-important—your success.

Relitek CompTIA Partners

CompTIA Executive Certificate in IT Security Foundations

As a certified IT security advisor, we'll evaluate how trends, such as cloud and mobile workforces, impact you. Then we'll leverage our risk analysis tool to assess your risk tolerance and exposure, set security goals, and help you leverage security as a business enabler.

Contact us to fill the gaps and keep you protected.

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