Count on RELITEK for scalable, affordable data backup & recovery solutions

Business Continuity Protection Against the Unexpected

No business is immune from server failure or data loss—whether it happens due to human error, natural disaster, power blackout or cyber attack. But, your business doesn’t need to suffer unnecessarily when a tragedy strikes. With managed data backup and recovery, your can minimize downtime and get back to business as fast as possible after an accident or disaster.

Data Backup and Recovery Services by RELITEK

If you handle or manage data as part of your business, you need off-site backup and data recovery management to guarantee business continuity after a natural or manmade disaster. RELITEK's IT solutions in Atlanta makes certain that you always have the right backup—and if (or when) the unexpected happens, we help quickly restore your data and get you back to business.

How can RELITEK Backup and Recovery Services help you?

Business Continuity  RELITEK offers scalable solutions designed to address your unique requirements. We help with scheduling and monitoring backups, as well as recovery of anything from individual file loss to total system failure.

Minimized Downtime When disaster strikes, we'll quickly restore your systems to full operation. Our experienced IT technicians pride themselves on responding rapidly—usually within an hour—and restoring you to normal operations.

Affordable Solutions As a small or medium-sized business, you need reliable solutions that also keep expenses low. RELITEK offers competitively priced backup and recovery solutions that deliver peace of mind at an affordable price.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike—contact RELITEK today for your free consultation.