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Today’s financial data centers are built around the customer. Your financial firm needs IT systems that are robust, fast, efficient and affordable. Finding the right balance is difficult when bank network security threats, compliance regulations, and economic conditions are changing daily.

Financial IT Support byRELITEK Solutions

RELITEK provides high-performance, flexible, financial IT solutions in Atlanta at a competitive price. Partner with us to break out of organizational silos and evolve toward a more customer-focused model that sharpens your competitive edge.

RELITEK Provides Financial IT Solutions for:

Local Banks and Credit Unions

Insurance Companies

Financial Advisors

Investment Companies

Cash Advance Loan Companies

Wire Transfer Businesses

Currency Exchange Companies

Debt Resolution Businesses

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How can RELITEK help grow your financial services business?

Simplify Auditing & Reporting Centralized management makes everything easier and more efficient. RELITEK delivers a regulatory-approved IT infrastructure, plus controls and reports to most-effectively use your internal IT resources.

Improve Security  Data breaches happen—whether malicious or accidental—and they’re devastating. Count on RELITEK to ensure the safety and integrity of your critical assets. Plus, we'll provide backup and recovery solutions to get you back up and running quickly.

Increase Productivity We make sure your IT systems are properly maintained and updated so your employees can get more done and respond to clients fast. We'll manage your systems 24/7 to ensure peak performance and address issues before they become disruptive.

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